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Kevin Kuranyi flirts with the end of the career

Tuesday, 13 December 2016 / No Comments
Ending in sight: the career of unified former national player Kevin Kuranyi is soon over.

"There are options in Germany and abroad, the question is what suits me and my family, and maybe I will stop," said the 34-year-old at the Mercedes-Benz Junior Cup in Sindelfingen.

The 52-time national team player, who was a professional at VfB Stuttgart, Schalke 04, Dynamo Moscow and 1899 Hoffenheim, has been a club since July.

Kevin Kuranyi has been watching since last June.
Kevin Kuranyi has been watching since last June.

Bora-Star Sagan feels comfortable - confidence in cycling

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Gandia - double world champion Peter Sagan feels comfortable in his new team Bora-hannsgrohe. "I like the ambience, it does not feel like I've changed the team," said Slovakia at the first training camp in Gandia / Spain.

"The team was very hard pressed to bring drivers and staff together, and my goals are the same as last year: the classic in the spring, the tour and the end of the season with the World Cup," explained the 26 - year - old cyclist, "New cycling".

"What happened has happened, but cycling is now very clean, now there is a new generation," he had previously explained in an interview for the ARD sports show on doping. He felt like in prison. "We must always state where we are. Checkers can come anywhere."

Peter Sagan: "We live like in prison."
Peter Sagan: "We live like in prison."

With the new sponsor hannsgrohe, a family company from the Black Forest, Bora has made the leap into the Eliteliga WorldTour. With the commitment of the most dazzling figure in international cycling, Teamchef Ralph Denk managed a coup. "I've just met Ralf once and it worked, I like people who do not just talk, but act," said Sagan, who came from the Tinkoff team and earned an annual garbage of an estimated four million euros per season.

Bora-hannsgrohe - the team, together with Sky, Trek Segafredo and Etixx, is one of the big four in the World Tour, and has also committed the Sky returners Leopold König (Czech Republic) and Tour Bergkönig Rafal Majka (Poland ). In addition, the German ex-champion Emanuel Buchmann (Ravenburg) continues for the team.

"It has been a great moment for me, and the last six months have been very interesting when we started this project, which has grown from 40 to almost 80 employees," said Teamchef Denk, Who made the jump from the second to the first cycling sport league and wants to create a sensation in 2017.

Sagan is to score points in the classics and as stage hunter in the tour and will try to defend the rainbow jersey in Bergen / Norway in October. Majka and König speculate in the three great country round trips to good rankings in the overall classification.

Hondo new Swiss national team

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Zurich - Danilo Hondo, who has long lived in Switzerland, is a new Swiss national for the road team. The 42-year-old replaces the retired Trek-Segafredo-Teamchef Luca Guercilena.

This was shared by the Swiss Swiss Cycling Association. The native Cottbus Hondo, who finished his career in 2014, had already represented Guercilena at the World Cup in Qatar in October and was a U23 national team in the last years.

As a member of the then Gerolsteiner team the double Giro-Etapensieger had been blocked because of Dopings 2005. In the course of protracted legal disputes, the microbiologist Werner Franke, who was known as an uncompromising doping critic, had already used Hondo and publicly questioned his guilt.

Danilo Hondo has been living in Switzerland for a long time.
Danilo Hondo has been living in Switzerland for a long time.

Coach confirmed: foxes separate from Richardsson

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Berlin - handball-league foxes Berlin has surprisingly separated from his coach Erlingur Richardsson. "That's right," said the Icelander of the German Press Agency, confirming a report of the "Bild" and the "BZ" on their online portals.

From club side there was initially no confirmation. "We sat together last night and decided together," Richardsson said of a conversation with manager Bob Hanning. On Tuesday morning, the 44-year-old coach informed the team about it.

The club world champion from Berlin occupies fourth place in the Bundesliga. However, the foxes showed fluctuating performance in the past game. Manager Hanning lamented the lack of leadership on and off the pitch and indirectly criticized Richardsson's very calm and deliberate appearance.

Erlingur Richardsson is no longer coach of Füchse Berlin.
Erlingur Richardsson is no longer coach of Füchse Berlin.

The Icelander had succeeded in 2015 following the success of his very successful countryman Dagur Sigurdsson among the foxes. The little-known Richardsson had previously trained West Wien in the Austrian league. In the pre-season the Berliners had occupied five places, but the qualification for the EHF Cup was only given thanks to a wildcard.

Fox's comeback from Wiede already possible in mid-February

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Berlin - handball national player Fabian Wiede from the Foxes Berlin is shorter than initially assumed. As the Berliner Bundesligist communicated, specialist physician Markus Scheibel only in the shoulder operation of the backspace player in the Charité only a tearing tear.

As an original diagnosis, an injury was given to the labrum (cartilagin lip in the shoulder). This would have resulted in a six-month break. Now Wiede according to club data could already be used again in the middle of February 2017.

"This is an overwhelming news, especially because Fabi will be able to work back 100%," said Fox CEO Hanning. Since the Bundesliga will continue on the 11th February after the handball championship in France in January, it can be that the Füchse performance provider only needs to match four Bundesliga matches.

Fabian Wiede is probably already in mid-February 2017 again operational.
Fabian Wiede is probably already in mid-February 2017 again operational.

DHB-women are facing 20:20 against Spain

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Gothenburg - After the missed coronation of a great catch-up against Spain, the German handball ladies did not feel like a freudentanzchen.

The 20:20 (9:12) in the second main round game the DHB women looked more like a setback in the race for the semi-finals at the European Championship finals in Sweden. "It feels like a lost point, and we have won the victory through the many opportunities that have been awarded," said Kerstin Wohlbold with the outcome of the handball crime in Gothenburg.

A teamed by Svenja Huber, 45 seconds before the end, the team from Bundestrainer Michael Biegler lost the possible victory on Monday against the European Championship of 2014 and thus an important counter. Before the final round of home matches against the hosts of the European Championship Sweden on 14 December, the selection of the German Handball League was 5: 3 points. "We've given too many chances, that's what avenged in the end. We could have won today," said backroom player Emily Bölk.

Anne Hubinger takes the goal. She scored five goals against Spain.
Anne Hubinger takes the goal. She scored five goals against Spain.

In addition to the loss of points, Isabell Klein's failure had to be dealt with shortly before the end with a face injury from the parquet and was treated long after the final whistle. As the German handball team later reported, she suspects a nasal bone fracture - thus threatening the EM-Aus. An investigation on the day to come should provide an accurate insight into the injury. It is also likely that Klein will be able to compete against Sweden.

The Bundestrainer, however, emphasized the positive after the roller coaster ride: "We have not lost again, the ladies have done really well, before the break they have left some chances, the second half, however, was outstanding."

The German team did not get into the game in the first 20 minutes. Above all in the attack, nothing came together. Huber threw the first seven meters next to the goal, more clear chances were given easily. In general the train to the gate was missing, as the DHB selection had shown at 26:19 against Serbia in the first main round game.

In the defensive the Biegler-proteges were too far from their opponents. Alexandrina Barbosa, who had played for Thüringer HC two years ago, took advantage of these gaps. Although the Spaniards also made a lot of mistakes, they set themselves on 10: 5 (22). The German offensive in this phase seemed helpless and irresponsible - with one exception: Anne Hubinger held the team with four of their five goals before the break in the game.

Only after 9:14 the DHB selection woke up. Now they were defending more intensively and the balls went back in front. At 13:14 the game was open again. The German team could not be put off again by a new 14-18 defeat. Two goals in the empty Spanish goal of Kim Naidzinavicius and the keeper Dinah Eckerle made the first German lead after the 2-1 win at the end of the season (20:19), but it did not reach the fourth win in the fifth European Championship match. "I do not know exactly whether we have won or lost a point," said Pearce Clara Woltering.

After a strong start, the Dortmunderin made four minutes before the break unnerved for Eckerle made. The 21-year-old from the Thuringian HC only slipped into the European Championship team before Katja Kramarczyk (HC Leipzig), who had previously been in the squad in seven games, and delivered a brilliant premiere.